Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Dog Show

I went to a charity dog show on Sunday, in aid of Oldies Club and Dogs Trust and sold some cards and had some great feedback about my photos.

I also took LOTS of photos, it was a lovely day with many dogs of different breeds and crosses.

I met a very special someone at the show - Mattie, now known as Peggy, who was taken in by Oldies Club in a very sorry state. You can see her original photos here.

Peggy improved a great deal in foster care and then recently found a wonderful new home. Her new mum and dad brought her to the show and I took a few photos of her.

Her dad was rather pleased when she took 2nd in Best Rescue:

She is such a beautiful girl. How amazing dogs are to go through what she has been through and still be such a wonderful being.

You can see lots more photos I took at the show here. It was lovely to see so many wonderful human/dog relationships :)

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  1. This post (and links) made me cry. There is nothing more amazing & wonderful then a senior dog. Having fairly recently dealt with the deaths of my two first dog loves Em & Jake two senior golden retrievers the memories of caring fro a senior pet is fresh in my mind - this Oldies Club is a wonderful organization and how fantastic for you to take photos for them, of these happy at last dogs. Much love from the Gang at Black Street

    Peggy now so plump and pleased looking makes me smile. Thanks. Susan